International transport and our company has been serving the professional and expert staff in foreign trade, in line with the demands of our customers since August 2013, serves.
professional, fast and secure road transportation in Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Serves as a bridge between Azerbaijan, the Middle East, Far East and European countries. T. C. We provide the most reliable and fast service to our customers with 200 vehicles in complex vehicle assignment, partial loading, heavy cargo and project transportation in line with the authority given by K1, R1ve R2 Certificate of General Directorate of Ministry of Transport.

I.T.O Trans As a company that attaches great importance to its investment, it is the first company in the sector to use the satellite system following the vehicle. Dispatch, distance and costs are determined in computer environment.

itotrans transport

Providing services to customers by using warehouse management with barcode and RF (radio frequency) systems in refrigerated and textile warehouses equipped with advanced technology . In the automotive sector, JIT (Just In Time) performs the distribution and collection operations and provides information transfer in the electronic environment using customer and customer suppliers and internet based applications (Oplog-Optimization Logistics) and performs maximum capacity utilization and performance by optimizing vehicle / load. In addition, the driver tracking system (Poliroute) monitors the performance of the driver, loading and unloading times.