I.T.O Trans Customer is in charge of air transport services with affordable prices and economical solutions.

Our air cargo department, which serves all import and export sectors, uses advanced agency network to deliver on time. Thanks to the agreements made with experienced sales and operation working groups and distinguished airline companies, location and price advantage is provided in the transportation. It serves as a I.T.O Trans Business Partner with all the technological and human resources infrastructure for handling a cargo of all loads up to a 120 tonne machine with the same precision and understanding.

 Cargo System Sales & Managment

 Reservation and Booking

 Targeted Sales and Marketing

 Special Reservation and Operation Staff

 Import and Document Processing

 Domestic Shipping and Storage

Airport to airport delivery

Rental (Aircraft Charter)

Dangerous Goods Transport

Door to door

Combined transportation (Sea + Air, TIR + Air)


Worldwide service


itotransair shipping
 Air cargo

The only solution is the only company proposing shop in Turkey.
 Experience in all Aviation areas.
 Dynamic entrepreneurship team.
 Robust financial background.
• Strong brand and market recognition.
 The mentality can “do”.
 Decisions and explanations are based on facts, figures, analysis and experience.